7 Common Ramelteon (Rozerem) Side Effects

7 Common Ramelteon (Rozerem) Side Effects

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Arooj Anjum

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Living with insomnia makes your life miserable. Getting an 8-hour sleep is crucial to keep your mind and body healthy. In contrast, if you are considering taking a sleeping pill, read on because Ramelteon is the medicine for you. 


It mimics melatonin supplements but lasts in the body longer than that. It is also called melatonin agonist medication. Plus, Ramelteon’s side effects are not serious. What else do you want?


Ramelteon is a sedative, also known as a hypnotic. Ramleteon side effects are mild. Some clinical trials were conducted on individuals who used Ramelteon, and they reported only minor side effects. They did not stop taking the medicine. It is widely used for the treatment of insomnia. 


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Mechanism of Action


Ramelteon is classified as a 1st selective melatonin receptor agonist, meaning it mimics the melatonin MT, a hormone found and produced in our bodies when we sleep. It regulates the circadian rhythm underlying the normal sleep-wake cycle.


Ramelteon’s Possible Drug Interactions


When combined with opioids, anxiety medicine, muscle relaxers, or medicine for seizures, Ramelteon can lead to excessive drowsiness. Always discuss the list of medicines with your healthcare professional before starting a new medicine.


At times, using some specific medications at the same time can prove to be fatal as it can affect the blood levels of other meds you use, increasing Ramelteon side effects and reducing its effectiveness. Do not forget to tell your doctor about any prescription med, OTC, or herbal products you use.


However, to be safe, let’s find the complete list of side effects. 


Note- Ramelteon is not a controlled substance and, thus, does not lead to withdrawal symptoms and misuse.


Common Side Effects or Potential Risk


Look out for the following side effects;

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Trouble sleeping
  • dizziness


Rare but potentially adverse effects;


Some rare but serious side effects are;

  • Hallucinations
  • Complex sleep disorders
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anxiety & agitation
  • Worsening of depression ( suicidal thoughts and behavioral change)

Top 7 Ramelteon Side Effects


The top most common side effects of Ramelteon are discussed below. Keep reading 

1. Drowsiness


Like other sleep medications,  drowsiness is the most common Ramelteon side effect. You might feel sleepy and tired after taking Ramelteon. That’s why most healthcare providers prescribe Ramelteon at night. Use the medicine 30 minutes before bedtime. Please do not use the medicine after a high-fat meal, as it affects how the medicine is absorbed, thus reducing its effectiveness.


Taking Ramelteon after midnight and waking up before 7 hours of sleep will make you feel drowsier the next day. When on Ramelteon, try to avoid driving and operating heavy machinery until you get accustomed to it and Ramelteon’s side effects get normal.


However, if you still feel drowsy and how it affects how you operate daily, it’s time to talk to the healthcare professional or the prescribing doctor for medical help.




Lethargic feelings or fatigue and energy loss are other common Ramelteon side effects. To combat fatigue, try to eat a healthy diet, get more active, walk, and follow a proper sleep regime. However, if fatigue is difficult to manage and affects your daily life, talk to your healthcare provider for medical advice and proper drug administration. They can determine what to do next.

3. Dizziness


Another common yet mild side effect of Ramelteons is dizziness. However, dizziness can occur for other reasons, too. Dizziness related to Ramelteon should not pose a problem as bedtime is the usual time to take the medicine. However, if dizziness accompanies the next day, take care. Avoid driving and operating heavy machinery. The feeling will pass; if it does not, contact your healthcare team.

4. Nausea


Nausea is another side effect of Ramelteon. However, bear in mind that insomnia can cause nausea, too. Try eating a small snack before taking Ramelteon to keep a minimal nauseous feeling. Drink loads of water and stay hydrated. Do not eat oily and spicy food as it can make managing nausea difficult. If it does not help, contact the prescribing doctor.

5. Worsening of Insomia


Some people reported worsening of insomnia when they initially started using Ramelteon. Although it is a sleep medicine, it does cause interrupted sleep for some. If you are one of those whose sleep worsens with Ramelteon, talk to the prescribing doctor. They can guide you and make changes in the sleep environment and routine. Sleep can be affected by these factors as well. If nothing works, they might change the medicine.

6. Change in Behavior & Thinking


Most sleeping pills, including Ramelteon, bring a massive change in behaviors and thinking patterns. Some common symptoms of these are worsening of the depression and suicidal thoughts or actions, especially in people with major depressive disorder. Others have reported hallucinations, anxiety, and restlessness. Call your doctor immediately if you notice these changes.

7. Complex Sleep Behaviors


Some sleep medicines cause complex sleep behaviors. Here, you are partially up and do activities like calling up others, making food, etc., without remembering that you did. It can sometimes be dangerous if you engage in a potentially harmful activity. When combined with other medicines with soothing effects and alcohol, it can only worsen the condition.


Do not take benzodiazepines or opioids with Ramelteon. If someone notices that your behaviors pose a risk to others, it’s time to discuss the matter with your medical advisor.


When to Contact a Healthcare Provider?

As we have already seen, Ramelteon’s side effects are mild and not bothersome; they can be easily managed at home. However, contact your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns. They can guide you on how to get rid of bothersome Ramelteon’s side effects. In case you need a dosage change, they can do that too.


Note- call 911 in case you experience suicidal feelings, trouble breathing, or notice any behavioral changes or complex sleep behaviors. Find out the complete drug information before using the medicine. Keep all the prescription labels out of children’s reach.




The most common potential Ramelteon side effects are nausea, fatigue & drowsiness. Get at least 7 hours of sleep at a stretch to reduce the side effects. Some less common but serious side effects are suicidal thoughts and depression getting worse. Contact your prescribing doctor for more information or concerns regarding Ramelteon’s side effects or dosage.


Medical Disclaimer:


At TherapyFleet, we strive to enhance the quality of life for those dealing with mental health issues. Our licensed medical professionals meticulously research, edit, and review all content before publication. Nonetheless, this information should not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For medical guidance, please consult your physician or reach out to TherapyFleet’s qualified staff.


Ramelteon (Rozerem) generally has mild side effects, such as dizziness and fatigue, making it well-tolerated for most patients. However, it’s important to be aware of less common effects like mood changes and rare, severe allergic reactions. Always consult your healthcare provider with any concerns.


1. Are the side effects of Ramelteon severe?


No.  Please contact your healthcare professional in case you notice a change in mood, weird thoughts, suicidal thoughts, or a decrease in sexual drive; if you miss your periods, notice a discharge in the nipple and find it difficult to get pregnant. Other than this, Ramelteon’s side effects are not serious. If Ramelteon is taken as directed, the risk of side effects is lower. 


2. How do I know if I took too much of Ramelteon?


The usual dose for chronic insomnia is 8 mg before bedtime, taken at least half an hour before. Do not take Ramelteon after a heavy meal; do not exceed this dose to keep Ramelteon’s side effects minimal. Read the medication guide before starting the medicine.


3. Can I take Ramelteon for the long term?


Studies suggest that long-term use of Ramelteon does not cause any withdrawal or rebound insomnia, but with time, it loses its efficiency and effectiveness. Use only as directed; otherwise, unwanted Ramelteon side effects may appear. Most mental health providers won’t recommend it for> 2 weeks.


4. Is Ramelteon classified as a sleep drug?


Yes. Ramelteon binds the M1 and M2 receptors and has a mechanism of action similar to melatonin. ( melatonin supplements) Taking it at night makes you lazy and continuously induces sleep for up to 6 hours.


5. Can I cut the medicine in half?


Cutting, chewing, or crushing the medicine is not recommended to minimize unwanted effects. It is advisable to swallow the whole medicine with water for maximum absorption. For the correct dose, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions.


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